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SQW China has a large network of associate consultants, who work with us on a range of projects throughout the UK, Americas and Asia Pacific. If you would like to discuss the possibility of working for SQW, please email your CV to

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SQW China and its associate, SQW Consulting, offer:

  • Expertise and experience in consultancy service to facilitate economic, business valuation, master planning, social and public policy analysis to our clients.
  • Analytical strength to create systematic framework, develop key concepts and reach objectives; factual conclusions that help our clients from public; and private sectors make important business and policy decisions.
  • Linkage through the clients and strategic partners. We help the asset’s owner, such as government from different countries and private enterprises, to seek investment opportunities and carry out feasibility studies. We perform “investor matchmaking” that provides linkage between the entrepreneurs and investors. It is done by assisting both the entrepreneur and the interested investor in the process of exploring, negotiation and deal closing.
  • In-depth economic and business analysis. Our experts establish tailor-made business valuation models and carry out strategic planning. We advise our clients on the economic benefit and assessing the economic impact. Our experienced consultants then develop master planning for the project.
  • Reviews of mergers and joint venture in major industries across the world.

Our recruitment process is designed to enable us to select creative, innovative people who have passion and potential. We make our selection based on a combination of your skills, competencies, experience and motivation.


Stage one: Career opportunity and application
Identify the role that best suits your qualifications and career aspirations and submit your CV and covering letter online.

Stage two: Initial telephone interview
If your profile matches what we are looking for, a member of our recruitment team will contact you. If necessary, an initial telephone interview will be arranged to enable us to find out more about you.

Stage three: First-round interviews
If we consider that you are a potential candidate for the position, you will be invited to attend face-to-face interviews. Conducted by a panel, including the hiring manager, this interview helps us to understand your career interests, educational background, skills, competencies and experience, as well as what motivates you to succeed at work.

Stage four: Assessments
We may invite you to participate in a psychometric assessment which allows us to better understand your motivation and how you behave at work.

Stage five: Second-round interviews
If you successfully complete the first round, you will be invited to participate in a second interview. These interviews will enable both you and SQW to assess the potential for future collaboration and for you to get an additional insight into what working with us is like.


We will ask your referees to answer questions about your previous work performance, your skills and behavior at work.


Our selection panel will identify the most qualified candidate for the post. Once you have been selected for the role, your HR representative will send you an employment offer and answer any questions you may have.

If you are unsuccessful, do not be discouraged, your qualifications may well match other job openings in future, and we invite all previous applicants to check this site frequently for new career opportunities.


When you apply for a job at SQW, you can be sure that your application will be treated confidentially and impartially.

Choose personal development and great career opportunities, apply to join SQW today.