An economic cooperative strategy to mutually stimulate the development of the two places by combining their respective resources, strengths and capabilities.
We Reshape the City Transport
The aim is to propose for a smart integrated land transport system. The Smart Land Transport system will provide a nationwide quality, rapid, efficient and safe transport service network that can ensure sustainable, equitable and uncongested mobility and connectivity in livable cities to support the long term 2035 development goals.
SQW was asked by CIVIX, a planning and design firm, to assist them to advise UWI on a new science park at their Mona Campus in Jamaica. This involved thinking through the policy stance which the University should take in order to maximise likely benefits without disrupting its main academic purposes. We also considered in outline the property development and phasing approach which might be possible given local market conditions and national economic development objectives.
SQW was commissioned to make inputs to preparation of a World Bank technology development project for Croatia. Specifically, we were asked to review existing technology service centres, and develop proposals for their further development, and for related support to new and small technology based firms, including provision of incubator space for new businesses, and establishment of a seed fund.


Western Mongolia Private Sector Development

Develop Western Mongolian Halal Food and Agriculture Products to Meet the World Demand

Panama Port 1 and HK port 1