An economic cooperative strategy to mutually stimulate the development of the two places by combining their respective resources, strengths and capabilities.
We Reshape the City Transport
SQW was commissioned to develop the detailed design for phase 2 of SEDF, which will run from 2008 to 2014. The design was developed based on experience to date with phase 1 (for which SQW undertook the mid term review in 2005), the expectations of donors (SEDF is funded by IFC, the European Commission, DfID and several other bi-lateral donors) and changing constraints and opportunities in the region (including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and North East India).
Following initial work commissioned directly by World Bank, the Government of Croatia retained the services of SQW to advise BICRO on its business planning. BICRO is a national technology support organisation set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology to manage various technology and SME support programmes implemented under the Ministry, mainly through World bank funding. These include a cost sharing grant scheme to stimulate demand from SMEs for technology services, and a programme to support joint research projects involving research institutes, universities and private sector partners.
The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have been characterised by an emphasis on the regeneration and economic benefits which they have the potential to bring to the UK, to London and in particular to the Host Boroughs of East and South East London. In July 2012, SQW was commissioned by the Greater London Authority to undertake an evaluation of 2012 Games-time employment, and in particular the extent to which employment opportunities were secured by previously workless Londoners. The evaluation also assessed post-Games employment support provision and the degree to which the event has the potential to leave a lasting…


Chargé d’Affaires Wang Haitao attended the third meeting of the Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor (GBEC) Joint Committee

Unleashing the Private Sector to Drive Inclusive Growth in Eastern Mongolia

Panama Port 1 and HK port 1