An economic cooperative strategy to mutually stimulate the development of the two places by combining their respective resources, strengths and capabilities.
We Reshape the City Transport
The French regional development agency, DATAR, was keen to continue to build on the reputation and success of the Sophia Antipolis Science Park near Nice. After reviewing a number of options, it decided to proceed with the planning of a major new science park in the nearby department of VAR. Under the SPRINT Programme SQW was invited to participate in the feasibility study on this major (8000 hectare) development.
The aim is to propose for a smart integrated land transport system. The Smart Land Transport system will provide a nationwide quality, rapid, efficient and safe transport service network that can ensure sustainable, equitable and uncongested mobility and connectivity in livable cities to support the long term 2035 development goals.
We were commissioned by the Government of Brunei to undertake a feasibility study of an Agro Technology Park. The Park will help diversify the country's economic base. It will have three main roles: a location for agricultural/horticultural research and its commercialisation; a physical location for development of the Brunei Halal brand – involving the importation, testing, certification to Halal standards, packaging, branding and re-export of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc; and the development and production of products based on the natural flora of Brunei.


Western Mongolia Private Sector Development

Develop Western Mongolian Halal Food and Agriculture Products to Meet the World Demand

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