An economic cooperative strategy to mutually stimulate the development of the two places by combining their respective resources, strengths and capabilities.
We Reshape the City Transport
SQW was commissioned to make inputs to preparation of a World Bank technology development project for Croatia. Specifically, we were asked to review existing technology service centres, and develop proposals for their further development, and for related support to new and small technology based firms, including provision of incubator space for new businesses, and establishment of a seed fund.
SQW was commissioned as lead consultant to undertake a review of the strategic direction, business model, financial viability and management structure of HKPC. The HKPC employed 600 staff, and had for over 25 years played a key role in enhancing the productivity of Hong Kong industry and encouraging technology upgrading and innovation. But its traditional role had been challenged by the movement of most manufacturing activities into mainland China and the establishment of other organisations in Hong Kong. A radical rethink of future role and structure was therefore required.
ANU's proposed campus development policy plan included the idea of utilising an undeveloped but environmentally sensitive part of the area as a research park. We were asked to work with senior university staff to develop a concept plan which identified clearly the objectives and prospective market orientation of the scheme, the scale and nature of development, allowable activities, outline organisation and management arrangements, and the broad resource implications to ANU. In doing so we worked closely with the local and state authorities and locally-based high technology firms to ensure the proposals respected the sensitive location across the lake from the…


Western Mongolia Private Sector Development

Develop Western Mongolian Halal Food and Agriculture Products to Meet the World Demand

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