An economic cooperative strategy to mutually stimulate the development of the two places by combining their respective resources, strengths and capabilities.
We Reshape the City Transport
We were commissioned to undertake the feasibility and planning studies for Hong Kong Science Park. The first stage involved: a major survey of firms in Hong Kong and overseas to establish market interest; reviews of economic change in Hong Kong and the surrounding region, and of investment trends in R&D and other technology based activities; and an assessment of the effectiveness of the current technology infrastructure in Hong Kong, and the additional benefits a science park could provide.
SQW, together with two other UK-based consultancies with regional offices in Hong Kong (GMI and Shankland Cox), were commissioned to formulate plans for reform of the service sector in Shanghai and redevelopment of the central commercial area of the city. The main objective was to facilitate the growth of Shanghai as an international financial and business centre for China, and of a wide range of services to support rapid industrialisation and economic development in the Yangtse Basin, a region with a population of 300 million of which Shanghai is the natural gateway city. The immediate catalyst for city centre redevelopment…


Chargé d’Affaires Wang Haitao attended the third meeting of the Guangxi-Brunei Economic Corridor (GBEC) Joint Committee

Unleashing the Private Sector to Drive Inclusive Growth in Eastern Mongolia

Panama Port 1 and HK port 1